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You Can Lose Chest Fat…But Read This First!

Many men these days are desperate to remodel their chests. I know that some of the most searched terms used in the Health and Fitness sector on the Internet are ‘how to lose chest fat’ or variations of that phrase. Also, in my work as a Fitness Instructor, I have very often been confronted with the task of showing a guy how, with the right attitude, he can re-model his chest into something that he can be proud of. There is no need to continue suffering the anguish of the rather feminine -looking breasts that he is very embarrassed about.
Before I can devise a program for a client I need to know whether his breasts are composed of an excess of glandular tissue, with or without fatty tissue or whether the problem is solely adipose[fatty] tissue. The reason is that there are two separate problems here and it is essential that a diagnosis has been made by a physician. The first condition is called gynecomastia and the second is called pseudogynecomastia.
A little lesson in Greek here…’Gyne’ means ‘Woman’, ‘Mastos’ means ‘Breast’ and ‘Pseudo’ means ‘False’.
Gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance, whereby the body produces too much Estrogen resulting in the normal Androgen/Estrogen ratio being upset. A doctor’s diagnosis is vital here as there are a list of possible causes:

The good news is that most cases of gynecomastia can be cured by addressing the cause, making lifestyle changes, nutritional changes and targeted exercises. With pseudogynecomastia, the situation is more straightforward from a fitness instructor’s point of view. Only adipose[fatty] tissue is involved and the client is invariably carrying fatty tissue elsewhere on his body…in other words, he is overweight.
As you can see, when someone asks me ‘can you tell me how to lose chest fat?’, I do need to be in posession of a number of facts. Once I know the actual condition I can then undertake the normal fitness tests- monitoring heart rate while exercising, lung capacity, flexibility, core stability, posture and so on. Then, I insist on 3 to 4 visits to the gym per week which is necessary to achieve the client’s professed desire to lose chest fat. Dietary planning and Lifestyle advice is also given at this stage.
One of the aims of any weight loss program is to raise the client’s metabolic rate[the rate at which they burn calories] which will help the overall fat- burning program. This is achieved by both cardio-vascular exercise and also by resistance work. Not everyone understands that adding lean mass[muscle], which is made up of living fibers, equates to a greater demand for calories by those extra fibers. Therefore, any workouts which aim to solve the problem of how to lose chest fat must include CV and resistance exercises.
Initially, the resistance exercises given to a client will be general, large muscle group exercises including abdominals. At subsequent re-assessments I can introduce ’split’ workouts to target specific areas of the body on different days, not just to sculpt the chest but to strengthen the back, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs.
I can already hear the objections which many of you will raise about gym- based weight loss programs…’I don’t like gyms’: ‘I can’t afford gyms’:'I don’t live near a gym’. It was precisely because of these objections that I started to investigate alternative solutions on the subject of how to lose chest fat. The results of my investigations can be seen on my website ‘Best Chest Guide’ together with further articles on the twin subjects of gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. The best of these approaches are highlighted and they are all natural, drug- free programs which seem to have worked for considerable numbers of guys. Most involve only a modest financial outlay. Go to…

Tuesday Must Read

Tuesday Must Read
Stories that you shouldn’t miss: 1. The Oakland teachers’ union appears to have moved a step closer to going on strike indefinitely , the Trib reports. The union membership, which held a one-day strike last week, voted on a measure yesterday that would allow union leaders to call an indefinite strike without another vote from the entire rank-and-file. Union President Betty Olson-Jones told the …

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Medical Marijuana Time for a clamp! READ DESCRIPTION Video by SLS CANNABIS CLUB

CAUTION: Before using your new 6 inch Vise Grip C-Clamp Pliers, completely burn off the swivel pads and 2-3 inches toward the handle, (heat til glowing with a torch and cool with water 5 times).

THE ‘L’ WORD: NDP LEADER JACK LAYTON: “LEGALIZE” MARIJUANA! “I’ll be urging that we move BEYOND DECRIMINALIZATION” – GLOBE AND MAIL, 2003 & NDP, 2004 (read more info tab)

OTTAWA — NDP Leader Jack Layton’s call for legalizing marijuana is not getting the support of all of his MPs. Earlier this month, Mr. Layton told the Vancouver-based Internet site Pot TV that marijuana is “a wonderful substance” that should be legalized and urged pot smokers to vote for the NDP in the federal election next spring. … “I’ll be urging that we move beyond decriminalization,” Mr. Layton said in an interview. “We need to modernize our laws.” No other leader of a major federal political party has come out in support of legalizing marijuana.” SOURCE: ‘CAUCUS MEMBERS BREAK WITH LAYTON ON MARIJUANA POLICY,’ Globe and Mail, Wed, 26 Nov 2003 SOURCE: ———————————– When we asked if, in light of controversial publicity last election about Mr. Layton’s pro-legalization & regulation stance, was the NDP was rethinking it’s drug reform policy? “No,” he said “our policy is very much in favour of putting in place decriminalization ___and legalization___, allowing for regulations regarding age and driving concerns. ___That is the policy we will be running on and it has been our policy for sometime.___” [emphasis added] SOURCE: ————————————- “The federal NDP believes the federal government must move beyond decriminalization…” SOURCE: New Democratic Party website ———————————– JACK LAYTON, OCTOBER 2003 POT-TV @ 00:00:00: “Folks you’re watching POT-TV. I’m

Morning Read: VCs get excited about another type of green

Morning Read: VCs get excited about another type of green
Highlights of the important and the interesting from the world of healthcare: A green day for VCs: In what’s believed to be the first deal of its kind, Trilogy Partners and a group of Colorado-based angel investors are providing a $2 million first funding round to a company that provides classes and certification about medical marijuana [...]

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