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Bad Medicine: Why marijuana advocates oppose an initiative legalizing pot

Bad Medicine: Why marijuana advocates oppose an initiative legalizing pot
Law enforcement and pot smokers don’t often see eye-to-eye, but some medical marijuana activists have something in common with the police: They don’t like Tax Cannabis 2010, the much-ballyhooed ballot initiative that would make California the first state in the union to legalize — and tax, …

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Alternatives To Western Medicine: Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been the focus of both positive and negative press in California since the passage of proposition 215. This is the first in a series of videos on medical marijuana in which Dr. Rick Butler of THCeval describes the appropriate use of cannabis in legally treating ailments as specified by the state of California. In many circumstances, medical marijuana is safer and has far fewer side effects than traditionally prescribed opiods.

Why aint My Medicine Legal Yet Blues Psycho

Why ain’t My Medicine Legal Yet Blues by C. Martland and DP Lewis. Recorded to support Is My Medicine Legal Yet .ORG,( an Organization for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana. Produced and Copyrigrhted by Cochrane Arts Music Project (CAMP), . a Music and Art Project.2009. Donations are appreciated for Downloads of this video or audio.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Redlands, CA – Dr. Chill Alternative Medicine

When looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Redlands, CA contact Dr. Chill Alternative Medicine. We can be reached at 888-378-0873, so call today. We can offer the proper medical marijuana evaluation to potentially obtain your medical marijuana card. Get a medical marijuana referral today!

Eclectic Medicine: Medical Cannabis

Student documentary by Gina Murdock and Mia Humphreys that focuses on the battle for state jurisdiction over medical marijuana. Proponents contend that the benefits of medical cannabis far outweigh the costs, but the federal government and the Drug Enforcement Administration serve as huge barriers because drug use carries such a negative connotation. They do not seek marijuana legalization; they just want the states to be able to choose whether or not to adopt medical marijuana laws.


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