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Malinda Traudt’s Suit Argues State Constitution Should Keep Her Dana Point Collective Open

Malinda Traudt’s Suit Argues State Constitution Should Keep Her Dana Point Collective Open
A San Clemente woman born with epilepsy, blindness and cerebral palsy has filed the first lawsuit by a medical-marijuana patient alleging Dana Point’s dispensary ban unconstitutionally in…

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Keep memory of military women alive

Keep memory of military women alive
Rosie the Riveter is an icon burned into the American psyche. During World War II, the campaign to keep U.S. factories going brought women into workplaces that had been considered men’s domain.

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Als keep Cahoon for at least another season

Als keep Cahoon for at least another season
All-star slotback Ben Cahoon is staying with the Montreal Alouettes for at least one more season.

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Patients plead to keep pot club open

Patients plead to keep pot club open
The City Council came face to face with a half dozen medical marijuana users Tuesday who pleaded with the council to not shut down a convenient source of medical marijuana in Mountain View. by Daniel DeBolt

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A Parent’s Guide to Crystal Meth…how to Keep your Kid Safe

Crystal meth is the most destructive drug in America today. Teens can get it, they love to experiment with available drugs, and they are not well aware of the real risks of meth use and abuse.

There are few drugs more addictive than crystal meth, and the intense and pleasurable high so easily seduces recreational users into abuse and addiction; and with addiction, the physical, mental and spiritual devastation is tragic.

Meth addicts age by literally decades in a few short years of abuse. Meth mouth (meth destroys the teeth) is but one of the obvious and external faces of the damage of meth, and the internal damage is just if not more severe. Meth use increases the risks for a host of cancers, for fatal heart disease, for Parkinson’s and even for very early dementia.Meth takes happiness away

And the soul suffers most of all. There is a price to be paid for the extreme pleasure of a meth high, and meth addicts soon find the depression and dysphoria of sobriety unbearable, and need continual meth intoxication just to avoid the soul crushing feelings of normalcy. Those meth addicts that do conquer the cravings and the physical addiction are faced with months or even years of lingering depression, and some meth addicts report never truly feeling happy again after prolonged addiction(How to beat a meth addiction).

Parents need to protect their kids from the dangers of meth, but astonishingly, about half of all parents never even bother to speak with their kids about the dangers of the drug. Reflecting this, today’s teens are very ill informed as to the real dangers of meth use, and a recent study commissioned by the Meth Project (a non profit group) found that about one in three teens did not see much harm in experimenting with the drug, and an even scarier 25% even saw some benefits to meth use (weight loss, and enjoyment).How to keep kids safe

There are a number of things that parents can do to keep kids safe from meth, but everything needs to start with a dialogue that continues throughout the years about the dangers of meth.

Additionally, parents need to stay involved and active in their teen’s life and make sure they are close and involved enough to be ready to spot any signs of drug or alcohol abuse, and if so, to get help at the earliest possible opportunity.

Parents need to make clear the family policy on drug and alcohol, discuss the reasons for your concerns, and also the consequences for breaking the family no-substance use policy. Parents also need to set a good example, and kids are quick to spot a hypocrite; and donâ??t often listen to a “do as I say and not as I do” type of parent.

Parents can set a good example by using alcohol only in moderation, and by never using illegal drugs.There are no guarantees

There are no guarantees, and every time your teen leaves the house they step into a world of danger and temptation. All you can do is give them the tools they need to stay drug free, educate them as to the dangers, and stay involved enough to be able to spot a problem at the earliest possible opportunity.

You do your best and hope for the best; but if you donâ??t talk to your kids about the dangers of meth, you are taking a very big gamble with their health and happiness.


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