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Our Morning Roundup: Hemp (Not Pot) History Edition

Our Morning Roundup: Hemp (Not Pot) History Edition
As I chew on this sticky, hemp-seed infused granola bar–which is surprisingly not awful (and an “excellent source of Omega-3,” according to the label)–an actor dressed in an elaborate George Washington costume is preparing to dump a 50-pound bag of hemp seeds on the doorstep of the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ’s office.

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Hemp vs Marijuana: Legalize hemp!

I rant about the illegality of growing hemp in the United States. I recommend you turn annotations on for this video, since I made a few corrections. Also, notice I didn’t even take a stance on legalizing marijuana!

Some hemp and marijuana history from the magic weed

Some marijuana and hemp history

Paul Stanford – The Roots of Hemp Prohibition and a Failed Drug War

Paul Stanford of the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp talks to the crowd at the Global Cannabis March in Portland about the benefits of hemp, the catastrophic BP oil disaster and the urgency to sign the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2010. The petition being circulated as I-73 would eliminate marijuana prohibition and restore industrial hemp in Oregon starting January 1, 2011. Footage Global Cannabis March XI May 1, 2010 Pioneer Courthouse Square – Portland, Oregon Sign the Petition:

Hempstalk 2009: D. Paul Stanford, THCF/CRRH – It’s Time To Restore Hemp

D. Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation talks to the Hempstalk 2009 crowd about expanding the hemp/cannabis movement, spiritual gratification through activism and gives an introduction to the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2010 proposals. Hemp produces more fiber, protein and oil than any other plant on the planet. End Adult Marijuana Prohibition & Restore Hemp!


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