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Blunt Assessment

Blunt Assessment
As more states consider loosened pot laws, Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill moves forward. by Bianca Phillips [image-1] Fifty-year-old Midtowner Stan Green contracted HIV in 1993, and he now relies on a daily cocktail of medications to keep him healthy. But despite all the drugs he’s been prescribed, Green continues to suffer from a lack of appetite and chronic pain from neuropathy in his legs …

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How To Roll A Blunt

A lot of people like to smoke weed in blunts. A blunt is a cigar-like, hand-rolled “joint”. One way to make a blunt is by crushing up your marijuana and filling an emptied-out cigar with it. It’s not as easy as it sounds if you’ve never seen it done or have never done it yourself. It takes patience and practice to roll good blunts. A good joint hits good (smokes nicely), and is rolled tight. That way you don’t waste any bud while smoking the weed.

If you’ve got a bag of pot and two dollars, you’ve got yourself a nice joint. To roll a good blunt, first you need to buy a cheap cigar. Many prefer Dutch Master’s cigars – they’re cheap and easy to roll. These “Dutches” come in different flavors, grape being the least bitter. A cheaper solution that you can do when you don’t have a lot of weed is to buy a cigarillo, and roll a blunt out of that. I have to admit, a cigarillo rolls a lot easier than a blunt, so it’s recommended for beginners. Alternatively, you can use one of many delicious flavors of rolling papers, perfectly legal for sale.

Start off by unwrapping your cigar and licking it all around. Don’t get grossed out by licking the whole thing – you need to get it moist. Grab a knife, and find a good spot to slice it in half, the long way. Start cutting at the tip of the cigar where you light it up to smoke, and go all the way down in a straight line to where you put your mouth on it to hit it. By the way, Dutches are gross to smoke as is – don’t try it.

Once you’ve got your Dutch fully cut, empty out the tobacco inside. This is pure cancer, so get rid of it. Lick the whole leaves found on the outside of the cigar shaft to make them stick to the paper inside. Once again, no worries – you’ll dry out your blunt later. Notice the back part of the cigar, where there’s tough, darker paper. Get rid of it: it’s no wonder people who smoke weed call it the cancer paper. Either peel it off and throw it away with the rest of the tobacco filling or just tear it off with the paper inside.

Now that you have your emptied out blunt wrap, it’s time to fill it up with your bud. Crush up the marijuana into a fine mixture. There should be no large bits left – the plant should be even throughout. Get rid of the seeds: they pop, and give you no high. Stems can be thrown out as well, as they get in the way of rolling. Spread this mixture out evenly throughout the blunt wrap, from end to end. It should be on the same level everywhere, so use your fingers to move it around.

Now comes the hard part: rolling the J tight. You want to get a tight roll going on to not waste anything while you smoke the weed. Grab the blunt with both hands, holding it between your thumb on one side and your pointing and middle fingers on the other. Roll it all the way down on one side, and then start rolling it back up. If you did the first steps correctly, you should have enough weed to fill up the Dutch wrap well. Once the edge of one side of the blunt gets to the other side, lick the side farthest away from the bud and roll it tight. Don’t let a lot of saliva disgust you; once you’re done, you’ll dry it with a lighter.

Keep rolling from one end of the blunt to the other, keeping it solid in the middle. Try not to let any marijuana fall out of the Dutch wrap as you’re rolling it. Once you’re done, hold it in one hand between two fingers and use a lighter with your other hand. Move the lighter flame under the blunt quickly to dry it out. Do that for about 30-40 seconds, rotating the blunt, which should now look like the Dutch Master that you started with, except smaller in diameter. A good joint will feel like a cigarette, and be about a half inch thick on average. Hey hey hey – smoke weed every day!

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