How Can you Help Free The WEED? (Marijuana Ganja Cannabis 420)

Here’s the Norml Marijuana website: ………… How to Download Videos: ……….. Here’s A Marijuana Movie list in no Particular order, Feel free to copy and re-post this List! The Union: American.Drug.War.The.Last.White.Hope: Magic Weed: Grass: The History Of Marijuana: The Marijuana Conspiracy: National Geographic – Marijuana Nation: Marijuana: It’s Time For A Conversation: Marijuana Inc. : Grandpa’s Marijuana Handbook: The Truth About Medical Marijuana: Montel Williams show – Marijuana: Super High Me : In Pot We Trust: Cannabis The Evil Weed: History Channel (Hooked) – Marijuana: RUN FROM THE CURE: Should i smoke Dope: Hemp Revolution: Marijuana Nation: The Cannabis Years: Stoned in Suburbia: The Prison Industrial Complex : Waiting To Inhale: AKA Tommy Chong : Prince of Pot: Penn and Tellers Bullshit of the War on Drugs: Marijuana Economics: The Emperor of Hemp: …………..hosser420 HOSSERLEGALIZE420 MARIJUANA CANNABIS MARIHUANA MEDICAL LEGALIZE WEED 420 OBAMA RON PAUL JACKSON BONG RIP JOINT KUSH DRUGS SEEDS WAR

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18 Responses to “How Can you Help Free The WEED? (Marijuana Ganja Cannabis 420)”

  • anthonymezzapelle says:

    couch lock


    i like the message you are sending i sent you a friend invite come check out my videos and let me know what you think

  • TheUnion5 says:


  • 420pimpdotcom says:

    Not tryin to sound like a d*ck, But Cali is 70% African- American and Hispanic. Last time I checked those people wasn’t blonde. lol

  • 420pimpdotcom says:

    Ohio is introducing a bill right now for medicinal use. We are on the way to success. 70% of the state is for it

  • MarijuanaCommunity says:

    Arizona is about to legalize marijuana & for medical use also!!! AWESOME

  • ut00bguru says:

    just watched the Washington state hearings on legalization, and they might me next!!!

  • retaliation1982 says:

    damn dude you never lie, the word is spreading…and everybody also do america a favor by being johnny appleseeds…continue to grow should be the motto!!!

  • BishopRealTalk98 says:


  • peterprlt says:

    @BishopRealTalk98 yes there are 3 ballot initiatives that would legalize CANNABIS and its consumption for ppl 21 and over =]

  • MrWorstCaseOntario says:

    why the effect?

  • xBARNES187x says:

    badass name lol hempoilsoldier thats the shit

  • xBARNES187x says:

    ya homie keep up the fight, – sorry i havent been on my game figuring out this MAC computer which makes shit complicated, i all ready know i need 2 make videos but ya fuckin society man pissin me off…

  • BishopRealTalk98 says:

    Is Cali REALLY about to legalize? Like 100% legal?

  • acamogirl says:


    this summer I am going on a cross Country trip to gather signatures for the


    This disabled Veteran will not forget that we? CAN right the wrongs……….


  • wgraves4786 says:

    good video, gotta praise dem folks out there in the garden state.

    First the assembly 48-14 i think blow out right, + them the senate sitting on those folks at 28-12?

    No chance, it was going down no doubt. 36 states to go, whos next? I know it aint texas or florida, if that happens them why not just legalize nation wide. So I think thats out the question. Maybe Arizona? Alabama?

    It comes down to these states tho,

    PA, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, even Iowa.

  • geezgsr says:

    You’re an inspiration mate. I’m considering making a video soon.

    I don’t feel you will ever change the minds of strong opposition but if we can make the fence sitters to lean towards the greener side then we can finally end this war!

  • hempoilsoldier says:

    hey its all blondes and bikinis and blonde

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